Winter is coming…

Hi folks! Winter is coming and that means balloon season is on the horizon! With that in mind, weekly meetings to discuss the juicy details of all things balloony have started.

We kicked off the first meeting this past Thursday (Sept. 8th) with a presentation by Dan Bowen. Topics discussed were the design & mathematics behind super pressure balloons, and the valve design used in Japan’s old incendiary, zero-pressure balloons.

This week’s meeting (Sept. 15th) will focus on defining tasks to accomplish this season in order to launch Speedball-1 and develop future super pressure balloons.

Altogether, expect to see lots of super pressure balloon experiments, a revision to Speedball-1’s envelope, and the launch of Speedball-1 this season!

Want to get in on the action? You still can! Meetings are open to everyone. Join us weekly on Thursdays, 8PM EST at LVL1 Hackerspace!

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