LVL1 White Star rocked the Maker Faire!

It was amazing to share the excitement of transatlantic balloon flight with so many people!  We’d like to thank the staff of the Makerfaire and The Henry Ford museum for putting on such a great event.  We’d also like to thank Matt Richardson and Mark Frauenfelder for giving White Star Make Editors Choice Awards!

For everyone we met – remember to put your email address in the field on the right, we’ll send you an email the day before we’re about to launch. –>  We have to wait for winter, and then wait for the Jet Stream winds to be just right before we can choose a launch date.

After months of prep work, we had a flawless demo at MakerFaire Detroit. The electronics from SpeedBall-2 flew Gary’s exhibition balloon up and down and up and down for 9 hours straight, two days in a row, with no intervention needed from the crew.  Before we unveiled SpeedBall-2’s indoor flight, we spent days flying it at our LVL1 Hackerspace in Louisville, KY. The ballast algorithm needed much adjustment, which gave us some invaluable experience in understanding how the balloon reacts to the real world.

We were interviewed by Make Magazine, The Henry Ford museum, and talked to hundreds of visitors over the course of two days.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by!  If you have any ongoing questions, feel free to ask us by email, comment, tweet, or carrier pigeon.

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