White Star and You

An appeal from Dan

We need your help!

I got a lot of funny looks when I first explained that LVL1 Hackerspace could become the first amateurs to send a balloon across the entire Atlantic ocean.

Let’s just say some people were skeptical of the notion that volunteers could set a trans-atlantic world record, and get real useful science done while doing it.

That was back in August of 2010.  Now the looks are more wide-eyed in anticipation.  They realize we might just know how to do it – we do – and we’re well on our way to getting it done.   But– we need your help now.

We work nights and weekend tirelessly on this really exciting, and fun project.   The simple fact is though, that we’re running out of time to get everything done.  The Jet Stream will wait for no one, and it starts in December.  There’s a lot underway, but a lot remaining: raise funds, develop more plans, organize content, develop scientific tests, design circuits, and build payloads.  It just needs more hands on deck to make it happen.

Please consider joining the White Star team immediately.  We have many openings for volunteers.  We’re all wearing about 5 different hats right now, and they’re quite fun, won’t you take one too?

Join our team at our volunteering page.

If you can’t join, please give a generous donation to see this grand amateur science adventure inspire the everyday people world that they can do amazing things too.  Please consider donating via Paypal

All the best,

Dan Bowen

Founder White Star

(Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek copy of how wikipedia is asking for money right now, 🙂 I’m not really the founder, about 15 people founded it with me, I’m just leading the charge. )

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