Progress So far… With video!

Hi Folks,

I figured you all could use a nice summary of how things have been going so far. September was filled to the gills with planning and researching, which raised lots of questions. These questions, luckily, were the kind that can be answered by scientific testing! October was filled with testing all kinds of theories, materials, and methods. A lot of our questions are simply – Will this XYZ object work when it gets as cold as -55 degrees C? For that, we spent a lot of time building (and testing!) a cryogenic chamber. This chamber uses dry ice (20lbs!) to cool things down to -55C, and hold it there for up to 24 hours.

In fact, LOTS of things were tested in October, and I just happened to take videos of a few of them, with a little help from They Might Be Giants:

We’ve raised about $600 so far, thanks to donations and sales of our T-Shirts.  We’ll be getting a link to buy them online shortly too, they look great.

The balloons are about to be bought next week.  Electronics are being furiously designed and built, databases built, the tracking web pages polished, and we’re recruiting our ATC communication team.  This friday also features an in-flight test of our satellite modem, piggybacking on a high school balloon flight by SpacePort Indiana.

Follow our daily progress on our twitter feed:

Please consider making a donation via the pledgie link to your right, make this amateur science happen!

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